WikiLeaks Releases Transcripts of German Parliamentary Inquiry into NSA Surveillance

In an effort to shed light on the German Michael Kors handbags Parliamentary inquiry into NSA surveillance in Germany, WikiLeaks released 1,380 pages of transcripts from the unclassified sessions on Tuesday. The inquiry has touched off multiple scandals despite numerous barriers to media and public access, such as withheld transcripts, a ban on recording devices in the sessions, and intrusive surveillance by police, WikiLeaks says.

The transcripts include the testimony of 34 witnesses, including 13 witnesses from the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) intelligence agency, whose identities are concealed.

Testimony at the inquiry indicated that the BND passed data from Deutsche Telekom to the NSA. BND spied on individuals in European governments and industry identified in a list also supplied by the NSA. While this “selector” list itself was requested by the inquiry committee, its disclosure is apparently held up by US permission.

Deutsche Telekom denied that it had been breached by the NSA in September. Ironically, this claim may be supported by testimony at the inquiry that the NSA was simply given data it was alleged to have stolen.

this important Bundestag inquiry, the German and international public is the injured party. The purpose of this inquiry, properly stated, is to discover michael kors outlet who is responsible for the injury of a great many people rights michael kors outlet and how these violations were committed. As the injured party, the public has a right to understand this inquiry work, said Julian Assange, WikiLeaks publisher. is only through effective public oversight that this inquiry stated objectives of transparency and justice will be met. As evidence of the inquiry’s problems, WikiLeaks cites three witnesses contradicting their own testimony, as well as an instance in which the investigating committee possessed only michael kors outlet a redacted version of a document being Michael Kors Outlet referenced by a witness.

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The impact of the revelation of NSA surveillance practices on US service providers has been significantly less than some anticipated, in part due to subsequent revelations about the involvement, willing or otherwise, of foreign governments, hardware manufacturers, and service providers.

NSA metadata records cheap michael kors of phone calls were ruled illegal by a Federal Appeals Court last week, in the midst of continued attempts by US lawmakers to find an acceptable way forward.

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